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About the blog:

Salintheus is mainly about gaming, technology and music. More often than not, weird, random stuff will be put in. Reviews of applications, games, albums, bands and what ever else will appear around the place. Although, they won’t be very long nor very insightful.
Comments are of course a delight to receive, so please do so.

About the man:

Lachlan is 20 year old engaged, male, student who spends his days trawling the Internet for new technology, applications, games, music and random hilarity. His habit for Web 2.0 is on the rise though, as is his will for blogs.

He has a diploma in Music Technical Production and Advanced Production Techniques.
His favourite music genre is metal. In particular black and power metal. His favourite band of all time is Emperor.

Salintheus [sarl-inn-thee-os], noun (pl. -uses)
1: A not-so-whimsical place where ideas spewed from the mind of a nerd man reside.
2: A Blood Elf character on World Of Warcraft created by Lachlan. Recently Played


Written by Lachlan Birdsey

October 15, 2007 at 11:55 PM

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